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Ok. I’ve been doing some reading and I think you may have lost me a bit with displaying child pages in the parent page. I’m still trying to get my head around how everything fits together in wordpress. My original thought was that I’d be pulling the custom field information from "posts" into the parent page, which would link to a single.php type page that would have the video player.

Are you saying that I’d create a parent template page, and then to add a video I’d create a new "page" instead of a "post"? The new page would be a subpage of the parent and would have the video embeded on it. I would also add the custom field information to the "subpage". And then pull the info on the child page into the parent page?

Is there an advantage to doing it with pages over posts?

Thanks again for all the advice and patience. I’ve been working with websites for a few years now, but it’s my first dive into a site using wordpress. I’m hoping that learning it will make future sites easier to maintain.