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Your an arrogant, unhelpful, jumped up .. i’ll stop there.

I don’t understand why you would be complaining on a forum about people asking for help, you’ve basically hijacked my first post to pick me up on not closing my meta tags which i may add didn’t have nothing to do with the problem i was asking about..

CSS frameworks such as blueprint, bootstrap, ect are exactly that, frameworks, basically allowing you to put in place the structure of your site effectively while saving you time, the actually styling is done by whoever is building the site after and has nothing to-do with framework, this is where people would learn or put there CSS into practice.

It’s not hard to float, align your divs in place but its time consuming to keep rewriting that out, doesn’t make sense to do so ever project you have.

Whats happened you’ve learnt how to code HTML in notepad and you think you’re zeldman or something? if you’re so great at html then use the forum for the good and to help people not to pick on irrelevant areas you believe are wrong and attack people.

I’ve posted one question on this forum and for me, personally @msguerra74 has put me off using this again, you complete and utter knob!