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You have two specified fonts in your code. Verdana and Times New Roman. The quotes you have put around Verdana don’t actually have to be there. Alternatively, you would use something like " # { font-family:Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;}"

If you have spaces such as in Times New Roman, you need to add the quotes around it, such as: #{font-family: "Times New Roman", Times, serif;}

This in itself wouldn’t cause a problem I don’t think, but you should apply these points anyways. Also, when you declare a font family, you should list the back-up fonts (like the examples above) that the browser will use if they can’t find Verdana etc.

Your bold situation is difficult to fix without seeing it and letting us know what version of IE is causing the problem. Sometimes (Safari for example) a browser can have it’s own font-smoothing that will affect how things look. IE 7 for example uses Microsoft’s "Cleartype" font smoothing. You can disable Cleartype by going to Tools > Internet Options > Advanced (tab) > (scroll to) Multimedia > uncheck ‘Always use ClearType for HTML’ in IE7.

Old versions of IE however don’t have this as far as I can see. So… the next step is to post the url, the ie version and any other troubleshooting info you can pass along.