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“What happens if you want to change the font-style of an element?”

I do a mixture of that. I don’t have “.light-grey”, but I do have “.pown” for example (== only visible to owner, colors stuff red). attempting to make my own CMS, I simply don’t want to have a billion class names, so my “design” is rather LEGO brick like. I never want to change the style of “that box on this page”, I want to change the style of UI elements. and that I can do just fine with that approach.

one thing in that article really made no sense to me, about .left for floating something left: I have .tleft and .tcent for aligning text, I use it for table cells usually. I do NOT want to have “.stats_something .hit_count {text-align:right;}” in my CSS, sorry! I’d rather have class=”tleft” in my HTML. if I wanted to align it differently, that would always be an effect of changes in the HTML, there is no way I would change some things just via CSS. so that sounds a bit theoretical for me, especially since it fails to answer how else to do it. specify a new class for something just to align it like you align a thousand other things? or put it in a wrapper? huh. try creating a stylesheet for hundreds, maybe thousands of pages while being semantic and staying under 50k, good luck :/