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That layout does not really need need any images to reproduce. Not too much more
complicated then the graphical logo image converted to 9 lines of css and a div today, and probably less complicated then 3D pyramids complete with yellow brick forged out of the CSS triangle hack.

This main page in the shape.png really does not look like it would be a huge deal to have origami itself into a one column mobile without even bothering with a media query while still retaining the general flavor of the layout.

The only thing that might make it more challenging is if that layout has some logo-ized meaning where any variation however small in the switch to the one column would not blow by as art.

Other then that ,it’s sorta a game of name that tune , where instead of seeing how few musical notes , it’s just how low one can get the div count while not having a 12 armed freak for a CSS file.