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At a glance I noticed that you are missing a closing brace at the end:


Also, if you don’t mind a suggestion, you might restructure your css a bit.
1. You are referencing a table with "table table table table" which will work but is unclear and will affect every table nested four deep. This will accomplish the same thing and is less prone to get you into trouble:

TABLE.marginTop { margin: 120px; }

2. You are assigning a color code to a number of classes named for various colors (white, black, red, etc). First off, what’s the point of naming one white and one black if the color is neither?

A better method would be naming them for their use:

.highlight { font-weight: 700; background-color: #ffff00; }
.handwriting { color: #8080ff; font-style: italic; }

My names aren’t the best semantic examples but I think you get the idea.
Just an observation. hth.