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Hi vanquisher,

Looks like a nice tutorial for beginners, though there are a few things I miss…

  • It’s very unclear what values you can use for the background-color property.[/*:m]
  • It would maybe be nice to show that you can use both the background-color and background-image properties, and that when you do so, the background-image will always be shown on top of the background-color.[/*:m]
  • When you talk about the background-position property.. you only give one example: background-position:right;! This could make it very confusing, because a beginner will probably know there are more values (like top, bottom, left, center) you can define and combine those.[/*:m]
  • You tell something about all the background properties except the shorthand property background which would reduce length of the code.[/*:m][/list:u]

    so… this may be good for a follow up article. It’s a good article to understand some of the basics of working with background properties, but it doesn’t shows you how you can use it yourself, I believe.