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@JoshBlackwood: Yea, I’m not sure why that shows up, I think it’s because I stopped the page reload on submit, and the trigger for that alert might happen after the information on the text-box has been removed by the app. I’m not 100%, but it’s going on my bug-fix list! Thanks.

At the moment I do nothing to control the order of things, it basically just moves the last to-do you controlled to to the bottom (on it’s own, no programming does this), but I agree with you, it’d be nice if the checked items auto-sort to the bottom, thanks for the idea!

Personally I’m not overly keen on slow transitions, but I wouldn’t say no to a swift one. At the moment yea they just snap into place with no transition at all, I could add a small one to give it more appeal.

Great suggestions and bug reporting so far guys, thanks a lot!!