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**@tomrogers123:** Thanks for the kind words. I know what you mean about the entrance screen, lately I’ve been a bit annoyed at having to ‘click’ every time I go to add something/check something off.

One of the features I want to add is an e-mail field, where users can give their e-mail to store and retrieve their lists on multiple devices. Though I need to think about some ways to make this secure (just needing an e-mail to access a list probably isn’t the safest method, anyone could look at your list lol).

Thanks again :)

**@TheDoc:** I agree with you about the editing options, this is already on my to-do list :)

Your list is stored in cookies until midnight, if you close the window and go back to the site your list should still be there (unless you’re not allowing cookies on your browser?), I’ve never had it 403 on me after a reload, that’s strange, i’ll have to look into it!

Thanks for the suggestions!