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I’m a graphic designer and I think that designing for the web in Photoshop is a complete waste of time.

Here are a few reasons:

– Making changes is SLOW… I mean painfully slow. CSS allows us to change a few lines of code to change the entire underlying font structure, while changes like these can take hours or days depending on the complexity of your Photoshop comp. Moving things around on the board might be a bit easier but it doesn’t make up for the huge time suck that is making revisions in Photoshop.

– It encourages pixel pushing at a stage that doesn’t warrant it. If you haven’t even started building your final deliverable why should you be nudging things around to get everything pixel perfect? Just more wasted time.

– There is no interactivity. You can simulate interactivity by having comps of each page but what we are creating is ultimately interactive so if you show clients a non interactive comp it’s not really a good comp.

– It was never intended to be used for web design, Fireworks has a huge range of tools that are **intended** for screen design (Like hyperlinks so you can make interactive comps). Photoshop is simply a static photo editor that designers just started using for web design because that’s what they had been using.

After you’ve nailed down information architectures and layouts you should be jumping into the browser and actually making the thing not spending countless hours bumping objects around in Photoshop.