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thanx ddliu

really i don’t want to use this script as opening for my website but to my clients

to know how many days they still have .

this script has config page so i take the info from my database

$id = $row->id;
$year = $row->year;
$Month = $row->Month;
$day = $row->day;
$message = $row->message;

$config = array(
'targetDate' => array( // Target countdown date
'day' => $day,
'month' => $Month,
'year' => $year,
'hour' => 0,
'minute' => 0,
'second' => 0

and display it in control page of my client as a countdown

so i want this script to display year, month, day only

i tried but i face some problems and i need this script as soon as possible.