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Rob MacKay

hey :) Welcome to the site :D

Firstly – nice work! I like it, and your design work is nice too :)

What I could see which would improve what you have done is using jQuery for the animated accordian and page scrolling – its alot smoother than your current JS, it seems a little forced.

Also the Accordian has a close bar, which is strange, I kinda just want to click on the same bar again for it to close…

Design wise the only other thing that caught my eye was your logo… now being the innocent young boy that I am, it made me giggle. I recently read an article on accidental logo designs that look like something else… and yours kinda looks like something else to me LOL err, lets just say, to avoid poluting the childrens minds, it dosnt look like a "d" "b" :S

that could just be my mind though! :P

Code wise:

Thinks like Doc said – you dont need your spacer div. I would take out the menu div too and just style the UL like you would the div. a DIV and UL are both block elements, you can style them the same, so you have kinda got an extra div where its not needed… lots of little things like that tbh – but its no biggy really, just better practice.

SEO side of things, your H1 tag I would use instead of the header div – h1-h6 are also block elements like divs and can be styled as such. Your site head is the most important header, so I would use it up there. You should also include the site header in text, then set the property "text-indent:-9999px" so as to hide it from view. Google will still read it within the H1 tag, and obviously see it as the most important header. Then use H2 for your news items or whatever you need.

I hope that made sense… :)