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So, everywhere in the CSS styling that i have ‘label’ I need to have input? This form thing is very confusing to me.. thanks again for your help!

This is all the styling that I have applied to the form, or I guess previously applied..

#contacts-form label { display:block; height:40px; background:url(../images/input.gif) no-repeat left top;}
#contacts-form label input { width:260px; padding:4px 4px 2px 5px; color:#0f181e; border:none; background:none;}
#contacts-form textarea {width:260px; height:102px; padding:2px 4px 2px 5px; color:#0f181e; overflow:auto; background:none; border:none;}
#contacts-form .textarea { background:url(../images/textarea.gif) no-repeat left top; width:270px; height:107px; margin-bottom:30px;}
#contacts-form label { position: absolute; top: -99999px; left: -99999px; }

Well, the form never worked correctly to begin with, but it did send me messages without information. And This is what I have after changed what @traq suggested..

/* Email Variables */
$emailSubject = ‘Windber-tsa!’; /*Make sure this matches the name of your file*/
$webMaster = ‘[email protected]’;

/* Data Variables */

$email = empty ( $_POST )?
‘no email provided’:

$name = empty ( $_POST )?
‘no email provided’:

$comments = empty ( $_POST )?
‘no email provided’:

$body = <<

Name: $name

Email: $email

Comments: $comments

$headers = “From: $emailrn”;
$headers .= “Content-type: text/htmlrn”;
$success = mail($webMaster, $emailSubject, $body,

/* Results rendered as HTML */
$theResults = <<

sent message

Your message has been sent successfully! Thank You for your message, We will respond promptly.

echo “$theResults”;