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Coding a complex site yourself is not a “newbie” project. Please don’t take offense – *experienced* coders often find themselves in “over their heads.” While your site can benefit from “nanoscopic control over design,” it will also feel every last oversight. I’m not trying to discourage you, or to imply that you are incapable, but I don’t think you’re aware of just *how many* details there actually are.

To answer your question about javascript vs. PHP, what you’re doing will likely require both. However, the simple fact that you had to ask indicates that you’re not aware of what is involved in the task.

If you want to be meticulous with your design, you need to start now. Make an outline of every single detail that needs to be implemented, and how you will implement it. Look at other sites to find features you need. If your list is short, it’s not complete. : )