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Beat me to it. I have just realized that. After some research on the matter, I think I’m going with WordPress. After all, CSS tricks is built upon it , isn’t it? What I need to get straight is the workflow, given my main concern is absolute design control.

Say I go with WordPress, I build the infrastructure. It generates some code. Do I get to edit the output, the HTML/CSS/JS/PHP files it generates? How easy is this to do?

I can give you a specific example. I have been designing the nav bar in HTML5/CSS3. The whole site is built around a dual harmonic scale, meaning measurements fit somewhere along that scale. Additionally, they are expressed in REMs. I’m writing things like

letter-spacing: 0.146rem;

Can I achieve this kind of precision while using WP? In a way, I’m asking how transparent is WP? Is it just a backbone which you can render invisible to the end user?

Warm regards to you!