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Let me clarify:

1. It’s a lean website. 7 pages, static but for the Blog. Even the storefront will only feature a – one – item at any given time. It’s a simple website.

2. I don’t want to, see no need to, hardly have the knowledge to build my own CMS. The blog will not allow comments and does not provide search functionality. It’s just a chain of biweekly posts. I don’t think the infrastructure to handle this qualifies as full blown CMS. Does it? Why shouldn’t it be done by hand?

3. After having visited countless portfolio sites / blogs, gone through tenths of lists of Top portfolio sites, Top one page sites and what not, I have come to believe you can’t have complete design control in WordPress and other CMS. There always seems to be some dreadful vestige of the CMS crawling up the page. Am I mistaken?

Again, I am most thankful for your input.