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very helpful and infomative Chris,

I have to say however, i think we are not going to see eye to eye on this one (sorry!) but everythin ‘dark’ just dowsnt doing it for me – i need colour in my life!

Options one and four for me were just filler – i think i will be going with option two (most votes ;)) and was actually my personal favourite. I see what you are saying about the ‘white on bright’ with the text, but i think i will make this work in the ‘secondarry_header’ with a fade (from left to right) into a darker cyan colour.

I did your suggestion of the olive green nav bar – kind of looked like the colour i chucked up after! lol. And having that secondary_header the same as the background made the flow dissapear in my eyes.

HOWEVER, like i said – some really helpful points there, and i will show you how i get on in the next hour or so!