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"infocentre" wrote:
Thanks for that! again – all you have done is increase my headache by adding another design that looks great! lol..

come on people, lets get Decisive! ;)

Yeah, I didn’t really give my opinion of the first 4 you posted, haha, oh well here goes it:

option 1: The Greens are far to strong, especially with white text, the blue menu bar is ok, but the background blue of the body is a bit myspace 2002, which isn’t a good thing. I would dull the saturation of these colors a little, except for the menu, and see how that looks.

option 2: The background color of the body is spot on. As well as the contents blue background, very nice. But for some reason these greens kill it for me, even as the link color. I would suggest removing the background color from the "second_header" completley, and changing the menu color to Olive ( #808000 ). I looked at it this way in firefox with firebug, and it looks pretty snazy, dark…again, but snazy, lol.

option 3: Again, not a fan of the 2002 myspace blue background. CadeBlue would look nice ( #5f9ea0 ) but only if you made the "second_header" black ( #000000 ).

option 4: Blue baby blue! So much Blue!!!! But I think the body bcakground needs to be setup as a darker blue than what you have, seeing how your logo is white and such, I’ll suggest: SteelBlue ( #4682b4 ). The other colors are good.

All in all, i would have to say this, you have every layout setup with white text / white logo, so nearly every background color must be dark in nature for the white to be readable. For me, I’ve always thought that high saturated colors are terrible for any website (example: any site built in the 90’s). Take CSS-Tricks forums for example, the colors are low saturation and tinted with white, on top of white, which makes it easy on the eye. White text for me usually isn’t a good option, but if done right, can look pretty darn good. If you were to choose a light color as a background, i would suggest using the color #444444 for your text, its my default standard on the site’s I build.

Hope that this helps from this designers eye ;)

~ Chris