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I’m not sure if advertising (even if it’s relevant) is allowed on this website but after many disappointing nights trawling the web myself to find a key giveaway script I finally relented and ended up hiring a developer to code a similar script to what you wanted.

In an attempt to recoup the development costs I’ve decide to sell the script for $12. In the event that I actually recoup the entire cost of the development I’ll probably either release the plugin for free (I doubt I’ll get enough sales to do this until another 6 months or so – if at even that) or keep on it sale and use the extra funds to rehire my developer. If I do end up rehiring him I’ll probably be getting him to add the more “complex” features that I can’t do myself with my admittedly poor coding skills

Either way, you can check out the script at

PS: apoligies for the bump but I thought I’d add this in for anyone who stumbles across this thread on Google.