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=), WordPress seems to be very often used…can’t say anything about it because I never used it, I’m a big fan of ModX CMS (no, I’m not a devloper or some kind of related to them^^), just have a look, read the short documentation and see how damn powerful this thing is…and it’s even getting better with the v2.0 release this year. ModX let’s you easily convert photoshop designs to a cms-website using just ModX specific tags like [*pagetitle*] or [*content*] into your existing design, it’s crazy simple and I was stunned the first time I used it…(worked with Typo3 for some time…)…

but It’s still a CMS for medium or large websites with a lot and often changing content, news, posts or whatever…so if you just have to change irregularly some "news" or articles or just the main content of your site I can recommend the jQuery editease CMS, it’s much simpler and you can have a kind of CMS without php or mysql, you can just login and edit your site’s content, in a RichTextEditor like TinyMCE (or how this thing is called =D) if you want or really direct into the page, writing pure html (I prefer this way but people are different)…for editing you just copy a folder into your sites root, have maybe a look on the demo’s source and add a – class="e-ease" (for direct html editing) or class="e-ease ee:wwig" (for editing with RTE) to the div containers with content you want to change…couldn’t be easier…it’s perfect for many sites which don’t change content daily and where the client should be able to change some smaller content things himself…

editease Demo Page: Login: demo PW: access –> look for the Admin link bottom right
editease Download & (little, there is no more =/) Info: