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I say go look at Magento. It’s heavy on smaller or shared servers, but it is fully feature complete in terms of e-commerce.


"bclouatre" wrote:
a) I don’t know what e commerce software to use it has to be free or pretty much next to free
b) it has to be fairly easy to learn for someone who is tech savvy (i can code html/css/javascript php i know a bit but its very very week)
c) I know how to set up databases and all that but i would require a interface for adding/removing products
d) How would i go about controlling inventory? the person would have say 3 items in store to ship out would the program know this? would it update dynamically?
5) payment, how/where/why

a) this is it
b) as long as the person can grasp e-commerce, they can grasp this. If they can’t understand some marketing terms, I don’t see why they should be diving into this.
c) Magento will do everything for you
d) Magento tracks inventory and will alert you over RSS when the inventory is low.
e) Magento has built-in mechagnisms for handling payments. You can use PayPal (default) or you can go further and use others such as STAR, etc. I think the bigger card handlers are only available on the Enterprise edition (only one I’ve ever worked on commercially), but I think the community edition can do plenty for the small business or non-profit.