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I come across poor branding issues like this all the time normally after a sale has been made for the website. Sometimes it would be easier to recommend re-working a logo into the budget but that’s not always easy to do considering they may already have hundreds or thousands spent into advertising with the current logo. It is clear that this logo isn’t the best and yes it would have been easier to have it from the start. I often get a clip art image with text dropped on top of it in low resolution and am expected to do great things with it. On a recent project the logo was so bad the designer put it in the footer (I really don’t know why). On another project, we were sent a 11×17 corrugated plastic sign with a terrible “logo” which I took a photo of, vectored it and gave it a shiny look which they approved. I tweaked it to where it was identified as the same logo with a face lift. Again, this isn’t always an option.

One thing to note is the average person will go to Kinko’s and competitors to get business cards or brochures. They are provided with a clip art book to choose a “logo” from. This clip art image usually stays for the life of the company, on the side of their truck, in their office window, on their business cards, their brochures etc. It is now our job to do magical things to put it on their website.

Go to FedEx Office or OfficeMax and ask for the logo book: Clip Art Explosion