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As far as I know (at least I did this on my site), the actual <input> tag can have a class assigned to it like everything else. For example, it could have a #{position:absolute; left20px; width:200px;} or something on the tag without having "display:block" assigned to it. Brandon is absolutely right about the use of display:block; though.

However, I used the code and recreated the page at <i>without</i> the display:block, and in FF 3, Ie7, Opera and the latest version of Safari, there wasn’t a change at all. (*note, I also added "border: 1px solid #000;" so I could actually see the changes)

I did notice a slight change I noticed was in IE6. When the display:block was applied, it moved the login button button up slightly. When it was taken off, it moved down.

I’m guess it’s just a spacing issue of some kind. I have no idea, that’s what it looks like to me. (see below) Maybe Chris can shed some more light on it.