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"LinCSS25" wrote:
Check out this new layout I designed! Id love any feedback. its not quite finished and I am aware of a few issues.

I have a couple things I would appreciate some feedback on.

A) does the images load too slow? Its nto TOO BAD when its first loaded on my connection.
Is there a certain goal on file size to aim for to keep images from taking too long?
B) Im a bit concerned about the size. it is 1024 wide.. it looks just fine on my laptop but when I hop on a computer that is 1152 or 1024 it looks too big. should I size it down?
C) Do you think I should do the sticky footer for this? as you can see the footer goes right under the content. For the home page I would like ti figure out how to get it to stay at the bottom of the browser, same for pages that dont have as much content. but as far as pages with alot of content I naturally want it to be at the bottom. any thoughts on how to handle that? Thanks!

Hi Lin,

It is nice and fresh, I like it, however, (you know me)
A) Images loaded ok here, but I got a 10mb connection
B) it is too wide, I got a 1024×768 and your image Creative Connections?? is off the page, and you got the overflow hidden it looks like. maybe squeeze it in to fit the monitor.
C) I would not put the small footer on the end of your blog, it is too hidden, maybe put it as a footer to the left side. Or maybe give your main scrolling area a height so you can add the footer as part of the page (always shown) and have the content area that your reading scroll

I think your twitter is hard to read, same with the headings in the footer