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Dark Ashelin
"TheDoc" wrote:
"Dark Ashelin" wrote:
I know how to do it with 1 background image, but what about multiple images?
The reason I have multiple images is that I have sliced them up. On my other website I have a 1-piece background, but it takes aaaages to load. With multiple smaller images it loads way faster.

Right, but it’s not going to work with tables like that.

I think you’re just going to have to go one-piece. With people’s internet connection getting better and better, if you can keep the image under 200KB you might be ok.

1) I know most of the people this website is aiming for do NOT have a strong computer. For them even the simplest websites load slow.
2) I don’t think I can get the image under 200kb and still have a decent look.

There’s got to be another way, right? I’ve seen other websites with multiple-piece backgrounds before, so it can’t be impossible.