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I perhaps should have explained better what I meant.

You have a form, joe spammer fills it in and hits send.
The form is sent from your server either using sendmail or some other command to address [email protected]

In reality your server is sending a mail not to itself but to google hosted apps.

Google receives the email it looks at who sent it, what it doesn’t see is joe spammer server but yours, so while you may be claiming it was sent via joe the spammer the headers say the originator was your IP.

Next time you send a mail Google goes oh look I seen that IP on spam before and marks it with a penalty the IP address alone is not enough to mark it fully as spam but is one of the negative points.

Not a problem at the moment, but say you run a forum on your site and you send a message to the 1000 members. Google now gets 350 emails within a couple of seconds from your server which it already associates with spam. Now you have a problem