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Changing the word menu to something else (I don’t know if there’s something specifically I should change it to since I really don’t know much about HTML) made all the navigation links disappear.

For the rounded edges, I’ve found that changing this affects the border radius on the first link. I’ll see if I can use something similar for the last link in the navigation.

#nav-wrap .container ul li.wsite-nav-0 a {
border-radius:5px 0 0 5px;

Changing the width to 12.5% for the navigation links seems to have brought up what you mentioned with borders & padding.. What was the fix for this?

I’m not sure if the issue w/ padding & borders is the cause or not, but when I set the width for the links to 12.5%, it still over extends over the end slightly resulting in their automatic fix which is adding a “More…” link with a dropdown. Ideally I just want the 8 pages (or however many, once I know how to fix this). Also the hover effect extends onto the next link to the right on some of the links, I’m sure that’s related to the padding.