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"Siephe" wrote:
Here, I’ve uploaded what I’ve got done so far:

And yeah, I want the two boxes to be side by side. They’re going to be different, aside from size, which is the reason why I have different CSS for the two. I just got lazy and copied and pasted, and just add and change accordingly. XP

I also can’t figure a way to get the white part background to stretch the way I want it to in IE and Mozilla. But if I can’t get it to work in both, then I’ll settle for IE since the site is intended for Chinese visitors, and people in here in China tend to use IE more than FF. Can’t for the life of me understand why though.

I changed the code for honour & feature in my last post, it works with FF, ramesh has done roughly the same, although I never took anything away from your code, in case it is needed for something you have in mind