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Chris Coyier

@rickylamerz I think it would be best if we all coded it, and Chris can go through it to add/delete things or take a turn in coding it.

Angie (Sam’s Mom) said she really doesn’t let Sam on the computer to read his youtube comments and I’m sure everyone is aware why (Negativity). She said he was getting a camera because he goes on all these trips and wants to take pictures, and maybe he could have a “Sam’s World” Page where he could upload photos. So I suggested a blog of some sort where he could give a description of where he is and what he’s doing. I tried pressing for a twitter account but i’m not sure she is aware of what twitter really does. I think she’s very cautious on the negative comments he is receiving through youtube and does not want him to see it of course. Chris’ suggestion of offering free hosting is beyond what I had in mind, and is extremely generous, so thanks @ChrisCoyier for that offer, I think we should take you up on it. I checked PageLime and Chris is right there, we should use that instead of wordpress because of its simplicity. Throw out some ideas!

Also: I emailed Chris asking if we could have a private discussion forum or password protected page to discuss everything without being indexed on search engines.