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I would recommend Private Registration if it’s free. It doesn’t affect reselling. It only makes it so no one really knows who registered it (beside your host). I’m sure Google keeps a record of who owns what domain, and it may be nice in the future to remain anonymous.


"vincent" wrote:
GoDaddy sucks… Then, later that day I check the website again and it has their parked domain advertisement shit all over it…

Having a domain with the Godaddy parked advertisement just means it was registered and parked at Godaddy. Did you check the whois to see who registered it? I’m sure it wasn’t Godaddy.

But you do have a point: it’s actually a pretty common happening, and as far as I’m aware, all major registrars (or maybe it’s the domain registry itself) create lists of domains that have been searched for an are available. I met a guy who bought those lists and purchased domains like you mentioned.

"xheathen" wrote:
"cool0" wrote:
Friend you can also buy your domain name here *SPAM* .It having the facility of ‘private Registration’..
But it’s not effect you to reselling business.


lol, quoting a spamer’s link is only rewarding the spammer for being a spammer…