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Hello, and once again, thank you for your reply and offer of help.

However, I think you are missing the point. This is simply a proof-of-concept, to develop the best, most semantic and compatible technique to add a clean shadow/glow/etc to an expandable box. Just because the shadow on the demo page is subtle does not mean that it will always be that way. I am only using this is a test to develop the technique, as cleanly as possible, so that when I want/need to add it on a client’s site, I don’t have to develop the technique while on a time schedule.

My concern is not whether to use JPEGs or PNGs, as I already know I will be using PNGs. The initial and follow-up questions are simply whether there is a more semantic way to code the page (whether XHTML or CSS), that would still provide the same effect.

If it will make my intentions more clear, I’d be happy to add a huge glow/shadow to the demo page, to better illustrate the point. Otherwise, I hope you will take this for what it is, which is, again, a request for comments on the code/technique, not the actual demo page.

Finally, I am unfortunately aware of the IE6 PNG-background issues, which is why I chose to try GIFs, rather than PNGs for IE6. I think that I’d rather have the shadow/glow/whatever dithered in IE6, than blue/gray. Plus, I’d like to steer away from any solution that requires Javascript, as I mentioned in the initial posting.

Again, while I sincerely appreciate your response and your attempts to help, it seems as though you are not understanding my request.