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The major difference between two versions of the same browser is their support for newer portions of the HTML language, A new browser is generally better at displaying Web pages than an old one.

However, Internet users tend to upgrade their browser based on the addition of new features, like email integration and instant messaging, If a user doesn’t care about these features, they’re happy to keep surfing the Web with their old browser,The term cross-browser is often confused with multi-browser. Multi-browser means something works with several web browsers. Cross-browser means something works with all versions of all browsers to have existed since the web began,you can use this html code for a cross-browser <div id="sample" style="position: absolute; top: 100px; left: 100px;">some text</div>.

First, understand that it’s hard to build a Web page that displays perfectly on every version of every browser running on every computer. And doing so may require you to leave out features that you really, really want to have on your Web page. Building a Web page that’s compatible with Version 1.0 of every browser would mean building a bland page filled with plain text.