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@Mottie, the centering (either the way you described it above or using the css table/table cell method which I prefer because it’s pixel perfect) works fine with the version the guys here have come up with, but it doesn’t work with the Equalizer plugin because of that inner height wrapper span. The Equalizer plugin doesn’t need individual CSS classes for each independent row which is really nice. There’s one other issue here in that this script refreshes fine for a liquid layout, but for a fixed layout with a breakpoint, say at 959px, it doesn’t recalculate the column heights and the content overflows it’s container when you resize the screen smaller. When you hit the smaller breakpoint defined in the script, things stack fine and the boxes recalculate then.

So yeah, not really sure what to suggest. I could use the script here and define individual classes for each row, which is workable but isn’t ideal. Or we could figure out how to get around the inner height wrapper span in the Equalizer plugin. Your thoughts?