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@msguerra74 – I wouldn’t consider it old syntax, infact it’s current, until every last site and browser are running HTML5 i would consider it, and it’s not invalid to close my meta tags and i find it more convient and easier to read for me personally. i don’t know how on earth you can compare me closing my meta tags and you using tables is beyond me, firstly tables are for displaying data and have never really been for structure of your website, granted it used to be done, maybe some people still do it but it’s wrong, unlike closing your meta tags that until the latest release has been common practice.

Don’t be worrying about me keeping up or getting pushed aside, you may have been doing this since 1997 and by you avatar your design skills haven’t really caught up, the whole primary colour blur went out with embossing around 1997, to be perfectly honest you haven’t in anyway contributed to the solution to my problem, infact you’ve basically attacked me for closing meta tags.

Thanks to the people that had constructive replies to my thread, i have actually solved the problem, the CMS was calling the default bootstrap styles over mine, sorted that out and now it scrolls.