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Thanks to all of you for advice.

"germ" wrote:
"chriscoyier" wrote:
To be blunt, the header just isn’t very exciting.
"Towers" wrote:
you need a better header

I agree with you: the header is not exciting, I will try to do better.

"germ" wrote:
Menu – stylise it
"chriscoyier" wrote:
The left sidebar needs some styling love too
"Towers" wrote:
the sidebar could use some styling

You are right, but I do not want to exaggerate with the style; I want to give great importance to the contents of the blog. I use the fixed elements in order to give importance to the main. In that way I could increase the styling of the sidebar ? I need your examples (for example you could send me the link) …

"germ" wrote:
Seperate blog articles

You have the right, but this is only the home page of the blog. Next week, I translate everything in English so understand better what I wrote in the menu, I also add some demo pages.

"johnstevens" wrote:
Wow! I love this technic of the scrolling div! Im gone steal it :twisted:

You are a robber! I am joking! Thanks!

"Towers" wrote:
reminds me of frames, which are terrifying

You reason this technique recalls the iframe, but I do not use it for design, but to improve the usability of the blog.

"Towers" wrote:
so I look forward to seeing the final product.

I thank you. I asked your opinion for this very reason. I hope that the final product is beautiful and usable.