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I once had a graphic design instructor who said anyone who used Brush Script would be thrown out of class, unless they had a damn good reason…

Always respected her for that. ;)

Seems like it might be nicer visually if the credit cards graphics in the footer were the same width as the right hand sidebar above them, and widen the space between the four text links columns in the footer or bring up the text size (or both) to balance.

Same at the top with the nav — the "Help" one looks a little funny with so much space — could the nav be as wide as the left and center columns, and the login the full height of the column on the right?

its a fun site… could the nav buttons be in a more fun font as well?

The space to the right of the logo looks a little empty. Is it for an ad? if not, maybe nav buttons could be shorter/logo bigger and wider to fill in a little better.