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"kankata" wrote:
portfolios can be approached in many ways – in many respects they are the most important page of a webdesigners website – they showcase your ability to do what you say you can

I suggest we come up with a variety of dos and donts for designers who want to show off there wares.

What I like to see in portfolio’s

# Large, crisp images
# Date ordered info
# Sortable info (e.g. by, date, type, application)
# Easy to use
# Simple Navigation

What I don’t like to see in portfolio’s

# Tiny thumnails
# Tricky Navigation (have to click many times to find images/links)
# A pop up for each new image in the folio
# Images that don’t do a peice of work justice
# Over-optimised screenshots – if people are there they are probably willing to wait that little extra for quality.

Ab rocket

Good tips here. I’m going to be re-designing my company’s portfolio soon, and I’ll go with these. I can already tell it’s going to look so much better.