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I’ve only read the last 6 comments, but from what I can tell this has turned into a ‘status’ debate. Personally, I’ve found that first meetings are best held without technology off the table. When a laptop is placed on the table, it places way too much focus on how the end-product should look. In web design/development, you’ll find that designers create systems, processes, and strategies first that eventually turn into an end product. Often, clients don’t know this – they want the end product, but don’t know what it takes to get there.

Anyways, web design and dev isn’t about technology, it’s about people. So place your focus on the people first. I recently read something that talked about tech startups and their greatest challenges. Their biggest challenge wasn’t in coding and developing the site/service, but was instead in marketing. (if you read this article also, please post link)

The status debate is ridiculous – clients aren’t hiring you because you have a Macbook. I love Apple products, but Apple products don’t create better work. Even companies with amazing brands (I used to work at corporate for a luxury retailer) base their businesses on objective and fundamental competencies. Show me objective data that indicates a correlation between ownership of Apple products and successful client relationships and I’ll invite you over to take a gander at my stable full of unicorns.