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> We don’t want bad websites built on one of the best available theme frameworks.

> There is ABSOLUTELY no way you can possibly stop people from building bad websites.

I have to agree with that. Thats the internet – a blessing and a cure at the same time.

Regarding you initial question: Loading polyfills for small presentational stuff like rounded corners or box shadows is not recommended most of the time. Also, using polyfills for stuff like flexbox can be tricky, but it’s possible of course. But well, you haven’t even said you want to do that.

I would incorporate Modernizr (of course a custom build that only holds the detects you need) for sure, it’s a great tool if used right. Regarding Polyfills: I can’t comment on eCSStender as I havent worked with it. selectivizr can come in really useful, but maybe try first if you can get away without it somehow. PIE is also pretty good, but again: You don’t need if for presentational stuff. That being said, I am a big fan of the [webshims lib]( “webshims lib”). Having used it a couple of times and I can tell you: Together with Modernizr for feature detection and loading, this is a true blessing.

Simply do your tests, if they fail load the webshims polyfill file that acts as “base” for the lib. Depending on what you want to polyfill, the polyfills are loaded async, meaning that even if it takes a bit to load, the page isn’t blocked and it is only loaded what is needed I believe.