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First off, there’s no real "right" or "wrong"… there’s only "Works in all browsers" or "doesn’t work in all browsers" Everyone has their own way of using CSS…. and if it works, it works.

"photomoon" wrote:
Is it necessary to use position at all (instead float)?

They both have their uses. Position is very useful because it doesn’t have a lot of cross-browser problems, but it "extracts" the element from interacting with other elements… so that can be touchy too…

"photomoon" wrote:
Is it more position:absolut that´s used (against position:relative)?

Position: relative is used to create the "outline" or "box" that you can then use position: absolute to base your movement (top, right, bottom, left) off of..

"photomoon" wrote:
Can I just use float:left and/or right, and position absolut, and not at all relative?

Position:absolute "overwirtes" float. You can’t use both at the same time.