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Rob MacKay
"jitendra" wrote:
Basically it costs more to run ASP than PHP.

But not as much as people think and no developer or designer host ur website on your own pc . they go for hosting companies and Hosting plans of linux and windows has not much difference.

But if PHP is as powerful (some may even argue more so – im not too sure about that) why pay for a server that needs more physical hardware to run as good as a linux one would… its just not good scense… if you get 2 same spec servers, put linux on one and Windows on another the linux would run circles around it and support easyer file permission management, its free software that supports free databasing and scripting languages.

You would be crazy to try and maintain a windows 2000/2003 server in comparison to something like CentOS.

I am not particularly a linux fan, I am a windows user – and was a windows IT support guy for most of my professional life – but the facts are that linux is a more cost effective, efficiant and more reliable option.

As for C# I dunno. If you want to make 360 games or other things like that, thats great… Im a web dude – so I want to use the tools best suited to what I do – PHP/XHTML/CSS/MySQL/Javascript all work above and beyond what I could ever dream of, or accomplish.

"ikthius" wrote:
c# is just the same as java though

It is? I never knew that…

It seems the more I get into the languages side, once you have an understanding of scripting for example, it dosnt take much to shift your skills across languages. For example learning jQuery has really helped me learn PHP quicker.