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Thanks for the info on Mono – I had heard of them but last time I looked it wasn’t fully compatible (only 50% or so). It really looks like they have come a long way since then.

And you are right about C# being different to Java. IIRC Microsoft tried to add some Windows-specific bits to Java (which is owned by Sun Microsystems). Sun didn’t like this, as it removes the write once run anywhere aspect from Java, so sued Microsoft. That’s why Microsoft created C# which is kind of inspired by Java but different enough that Sun couldn’t sue them.

Ironically Java is now GPL open source which means anyone can do anything they like with it without getting sued.

1. Datagrids
2. Masterpage + Nested master page concept (better control than PHP include)

Those are 3 really powerfully ASP.NET features!

But I worry about LINQ to SQL being killed off possibly – see … o-sql.aspx . This can’t happen in an open source project like PHP. Eg. Suppose PHP decided to stop supporting MySQL. The community can take the existing MySQL source code from PHP and compile it into a plugin. Not the same with ASP.NET since it is proprietary and we will never see the source code.