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yeah your right, c# is not java, but microsoft got so worried about the java bandwaggon a while ago, that they decided to make their own jre, then a big fight went on, and sun finally won in that only sun JVM should be used to interperate the code…..including the browsers JVM

windows saw the potential loss of everything running on windows, cause lets say a langauge you can use across any system was a great idea, so windows developed c# similar to C but so much more similar to java.

in fact if I remember correctly, the class declarations, access declarations and all of that is exactly the same as java.

ok what makes it different is the name of some methods/classes, but windows made a language to mimic java so well to try and lure people away from java.

but for me, I will stick to what i know, java (all be it a while ago), (X)HTML, CSS, a bit of PHP & JavaScript.

I want truly free, not something you have to buy first then getting something free with it.