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If you reread my comment, you’ll notice that I did not accuse you (or CodeGraphics) of anything. Likewise, I did not make any comment on how you “should have” addressed the question, regardless of how you became aware of it. I was commenting on the circumstances that made the conversation suspect. I stand by the assessment that, under _slightly_ different circumstances, I would have came to the same conclusion.

At this point, it doesn’t really matter if the conversation was fabricated or not (and, again, I do not believe that it was). But consider that it may have had more of a negative impact on your product than not joining the conversation at all.

Since you ask, If I had been in your place, I may have registered and commented on the conversation as well – but, not being a part of the community, I would probably have limited myself to an introduction and invitation to learn more (perhaps a link to an FAQ or discussion page for your site, if you have them – or even offering a PM on this site). Again, I am not accusing you of any wrongdoing; I am only offering an explanation of my earlier comments and attempting to answer your questions.

If you have any further questions, please ask. While I welcome conversation, I’ll say now that I have no interest in an argument/debate.

>It’s true that I knew this forum through Alex’s post.

Who is Alex?