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"TheDoc" wrote:
Certainly not a mind blowing design, but I think the functionality is rather spot on, which makes me ignore some of the upgrades it could take in design.

This freewebhosting business sounds terrible. Get out of their quick. Change your account to HTML? I don’t even know what that means…

I’m guessing you’re not a web designer maybe? So this is just some free template they’ve provided you?

First off, Thanks for the comment we were def. going for function first, but now we want it to capture your eye as well.

I could never consider myself a web designer at all, but I do understand alot and have made may update in textmate for mac to my existing site to make it look for like we need it, thats why I need some advice. As far as freewebs, they give you a base template and then they provide you the ability to put css into the template to change how everything looks but in terms of doing exactly what I need they fall short. I need to know what is the best alternative solution. I expect the website to gain thousands of members over the next few months do to all the promotions and insight we will offer. I dont really know what the change account to HTML means either. I am assuming that it gives me a blank page that accepts HTML and Css which would seem better than having them tightly control everything. Like I said any advice is much appreciated.

Thanks again,