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"AshtonSanders" wrote:
cretique: The design is basic and "old-looking." The graphics are a little busy.

Foxycart easily sells digital items. (I think paypal does too). Payal is cheaper, Foxycart is "badasser" (yea… it’s late…)

I haven’t gotten to use foxycart personally, but have it on my list of things to do. The whole thing is pretty bad ass. I would love to find a similar product that is free, (cause I’m a stingy bastard) but from my investigation, it’s well worth the money.


Thanks for the reply,

Like you I am also stingy thats why I was asking. I would really like to try a free version out first before I invest money and then no one buys what I am selling. I have looked into FoxyCart and it is really sexy and I love how you never have to leave the host site. I have heard that with paypal however that if you sell digital items that the end user that is buying the item can just say he or she was not able to download the item and paypal refunds the money even if the product was indeed downloaded. Is this at all true?

About the site looking old I totally agree. The problem I ran into is that freewebs is hosting my site for me and I still ave 10 months left with them. So right now besides so minor css coding I cant do anything with there site. They said I can change my account to html but wont tell me at what cost. Does changing my account to html seem like a good idea?