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Hi Gordon!

Sadly, it isn’t possible at this time. I was trying to limit the number of options to keep it simple. But basically all the FX extension does is bind to the “slide_init” (for out effects) and the “slide_complete” (for in effects) events, so try something like this:

.bind('slide_init', function(event, slider){
// look in target page for element
var el = slider.$targetPage.find('.element-d');
if (el.length) {
el.css({ top: '-300px' }); // get element outta sight
.bind('slide_complete', function(event, slider){
// look in current page for the element
var el = slider.$currentPage.find('.element-d');
if (el.length) {
el.animate({ top: '20px' }, 1000); // animate element into view
}, 2000); // 2 second delay before animating