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Thanks a lot Mottie, that did the trick!

I am feeling like a pain in the ass now, but perhaps you could help me out one more time.

Everything is working, but my links navigation menu has some javascript animation in them. For example:

  • What i would like to do is to have the css class like this:

    .nolink  {

    This animates the image from top to bottom and works great. However, it also works on the dropdownitems, that don’t have an image and thus move out of the box. I tried this thingy below, but that doesn’t work.

    .nolink img  {

    Do you have a clue how to solve this? I am using the code from your sample:

    var nav = $('#externalNav'),
    updateLink = function(page){
    nav.find('a[href="#' + page + '"]').addClass('nolink');