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Hi mkultron!

Sorry it took me a bit to get the demo working since I found a bug in the plugin… so try this demo, but before you try to implement it, update AnythingSlider to the latest version.

I added two options right at the top of the code:

1. toggleTime which is the amount of time it takes to slide up and down.
2. showCaptionInitially when set to true will automatically open the caption when a slide comes into view. When false, it stays hidden until clicked.

    // caption toggle animation time
var toggleTime = 500,
// always show caption when slide comes into view
showCaptionInitially = true,

updateCaption = function(slider, init){
if (init && showCaptionInitially) {
bottom: 0
}, toggleTime);
}, slider.options.delayBeforeAnimate + toggleTime);
} else if (!init) {
var cap = slider.$lastPage.find('.caption');
cap.css('bottom', -cap.innerHeight());

infiniteSlides : false,
animationTime : 0,
delayBeforeAnimate : 500,
// buildNavigation : false,

// *********** Callbacks ***********
// Callback when the plugin finished initializing
onInitialized: function(e, slider) {
var cap = $(this).find('.caption');
.css('bottom', -cap.innerHeight())
bottom: (cap.css('bottom') === "0px" ? -cap.innerHeight() : 0)
}, toggleTime);
updateCaption(slider, true);

// Callback before slide animates
onSlideBegin: function(e, slider) {
updateCaption(slider, true);

// Callback after slide animates
onSlideComplete: function(slider) {
updateCaption(slider, false);