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HI @Mottie,

Thanks again and thanks for your quick response.

Well, you’ve explained all the problems I and a colleague have been having over the last day or two! I certainly have less hair now than I did :-)

What I kept seeing was the options data was getting changed correctly but the changes weren’t being reflected in the slider on the page.

As a temporary solution, maybe I could make a list of ones with problems and we could come up with some workarounds as well as which ones do work.

Long term, my opinion would be that if you have data options and you have a method named “updateSlider” (and there is documentation showing it working and saying “almost all of the options can be modified on the fly using the API”) it is reasonable for the average developer to expect them to work so, for completeness, if for no other reason, you might want to make them all work, time permitting of course.

Either that or just say they don’t work except for the few that do; a list of those would be helpful. And certainly any workarounds could be put in the documentation for others to see.

Would completely destroying the slider and rebuilding it dynamically from scratch work?

Obviously it isn’t a good solution but it might keep the client satisfied while coming up with a better solution.